Each tab below allows you to compare the features for the three verions of ACE for Windows

Feature Description Senior Lite+ Lite
Estimates Curtains, Valances, Pelmets, Austrians, Festoons, Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds, Net/Room Highs
Calculates Number of widths, fullness, pattern repeats, half-drops, making charges, fabric, lining, trimming quantity, etc
Headings Machine or Hand Sewn Pencil, Pinch, Box Pleat, Goblet, Smocked Tab Top, Eyelet etc
Makings Unlined, Lined, Self Lined, Fabric Lined and Interlined, Railroad
Frills & Trimmings Frills, Trimmings, Borders, Edging, Piping, Braid etc. with a making charge per running metre, per width, per item & per percentage
Fabric Accessories Tie-backs, Bedspreads, Throws, Bed Runners, Swags & Tails, Cushions - unlimited options
Fitting Blinds, Tracks, Poles plus brackets, rings, finials etc. Hold backs, Hanging & Fitting Charges
Save Estimates The estimate is saved within the system and can be called up or altered at any time. Save hours of re-estimating when clients change their minds. The number of estimates that can be saved is unlimited
Copy Estimates Copies estimates so that you can give your customer different options without loosing the original estimate
Recalculation Calculate different options i.e. Swapping one fabric with another fabric in seconds saving hours of calculations
Feature Description Senior Lite+ Lite
Estimates Prints out the estimate ready to send to your customer. Different styles of estimate can be created & stored showing as much or as little information as you wish to show your customer
Additional Information In addition to printing out the estimate, opening, closing and footing paragraphs can be customised and added to estimates. Estimates can be printed out on your own letterhead
Email In addition to printing out estimates for your Customers, you can also email them directly to save time and money. When you have Ace for Windows Senior, you can also email Workroom Sheets.
Workroom Sheets Provides detailed workroom sheets with cutting instructions. Allows specific instructions to be added to the estimate but only printed on the workroom sheet. Workroom sheets do NOT show prices
Checklists List of all items on the estimate for checking prior to delivery/fitting a job. Never Leave an Item Behind Again!
Summary Sheets Checks the whole estimate adding up the quantity of fabrics, linings trimmings, accessories etc. required ready for you to order
Fabric Cut Report Workroom information providing a summary of each material, the qty required for each item that uses the fabric. Handy for cutting the fabric and distributing it through your workrooms
Clauses Closing and footing paragraphs can be added to individual estimates describing information relevant to the job e.g. care & washing instructions for a specific fabric used within the estimate
Reports Provides statistical reports & individual estimate breakdown
Envelopes Facility to print envelopes - saves time if not using windowed envelopes
Feature Description Senior Lite+ Lite
Making Charges Per width, per metre, per square unit or using grid systems based on rail size or widths. Per drop e.g. up to 150cm one price, up to 250cm at another price
VAT Prices can include VAT or have VAT added to the total
Currencies The system can be set up in the currency of your choice
Selling Price Pricing structures are set up as selling price only
Cost Price Cost prices can be entered and used in conjunction with a range of mark ups
Discount or Markup At printing a discount or a mark up can be applied to the total of the estimate or to an individual group i.e. fabrics, making etc
Price Groups Ability to set up more than one pricing structure i.e. contract or domestic
Feature Description Senior Lite+ Lite
Manual An on screen overview manual available at a click of a button
On Screen Help The Help system displays information relative to the screen you are viewing
Fabric File Store all frequently used fabrics, linings, interlinings, trimmings within the system and select at the time of estimating
Fabric Order System Generates orders to your fabric suppliers for cut lengths, rolls, samples etc. Orders can then be printed with special instructions, customer reference and either delivery to the customer address or your shop address
Customer Database The client’s details can be stored in the system and kept for future use. Labels can be printed for mail shots. The names & addresses can be exported for use outside the system. Client details can be imported in to ACE
Supplier Database Supplier’s Details can be stored in the system for use in the Fabric Order System, and some of the Add on Modules. Supplier details can be imported in to ACE
Job Status Shows stage of job e.g. estimate, accepted, completed, invoiced
Job Profiles Configure Job screen to show different criteria e.g. All estimates created by a salesperson, all accepted jobs in one month
Users Each member of staff can have their own user name. This allows the administrator to set up the access rights for each staff member
Security Areas within the system can be password protected, stopping unauthorised User access
Feature Description Senior Lite+ Lite
Stand Alone License To run Ace For Windows on another Computer, i.e. on a Laptop
Network License To run Ace For Windows on your Network. A License is required to allow more than one person to estimate at the same time

Important Information
Lite + and Lite products can be upgraded to the next level at any time by paying the difference in price.