Ace For Windows: Add-On Modules - AFW Senior Only

The following add-ons have been developed to complement the Ace For Windows Senior application to help businesses to become more efficient, more competitive and more successful. They can only be added to ACE Senior

Invoice Add-on image

The Invoicing program is a must have add-on to ACE For Windows. Invoicing brings a new level of efficiency to your business. Invoicing is easy to use and has everything you need to control your jobs and invoices more accurately than ever before.

Purchase Order Processing Add-on image
Purchase Order Processing

Turns the accepted estimate into a job and allows you to order all fabrics, trimmings, tracks, etc, everything you need. Controls which goods have been delivered, and what is still outstanding for each estimate as orders are updated as goods are delivered. Items not related to jobs, can also be ordered and controlled. Orders entered, can be printed out ready to fax to your supplier. Stores all supplier details including contact names, address and email.

Book Control System Add-on image
Book Control System

Facilitates the control and monitoring of the stock of swatch/pattern books and waterfalls. Controls the lending of books to customers allowing monitoring of books out on loan. Valuation of all books by supplier. Allows identification of books by classification i.e. lounge, traditional, plain.

Scheduler Add-on image

A Diary System that is linked to an Ace Estimate, enabling appointments to be made for Fitters, Consultants, and Measurers etc. All the information that is required for the appointment is available at a glance. Appointments can also be made without having been linked to an Ace Estimate, for example, time for exhibitions, departmental meetings, holidays and private appointments etc, can all be set in the Schedule, so that there are no double bookings.

Backup Add-on image

A backing up application together with 3 Memory sticks plus full easy to follow instructions. Feel safe in the knowledge that your Ace For Windows data is Backed up!

Statistics Add-on image

An analysis tool enabling you to track and monitor your business trends and help you to become more productive and profitable.